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"Northside Lions has benefited my family in many ways. First it has helped grow my son’s confidence and helped him see what a powerful person he is. Another way is there are friendships that are built that can last a life time. This is not just a team, but a family where they learn to support one another on and off the field. It has also helped us develop more family time because we all enjoy volunteering and just being there as a family for both the football players and cheerleaders."

Lydia Thumann


“I can easily say that joining the Northside Lions has been the best decision to kick off my son’s middle school career! I searched long and hard for a solid athletic team he could join that also incorporated a Christian foundation - and this has been a perfect fit. Between the encouragement of the coaches, and the excitement of all the parents involved, you can see that reflected in the boys on (and off) the field. We’re looking forward to highschool with the Lions and growing with each and every player in the years to come. Go Lions!"

Raf Bradley

"We are sorry to see the season end.  We have truly enjoyed playing with the Northside Lions.  This has been a great experience for Ethan. Thank you to each and every person that extended encouragement and pats on the backs for these boys!  We have had opportunities to play sports with many teams but never a team like these Lions.  It may not have ended the way we would have liked but these boys got much more from this season than just wins or losses.  To ALL the coaches: Thank you for your time, your passion, your patience, and your heart.  You men are what makes the Lions what they are!"

Julie Cropper

If you would like to share your story with the Northside LIons .  Send us an email at with TESTIMONIAL in the subject line

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