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The Northside Sports Association (NSA) was the fulfillment of a dream, a desire to better serve the Montgomery County community by offering young men, who were not part of the public-school system, in the area an opportunity to play tackle football in a competitive league environment. Established in 2009, NSA is an insured 501c3 organization located in Montgomery County, TX, and is open to players from 12 years old through high school seniors.  

Northside had humble beginnings in a pasture owned by the organization’s visionary, founder, and first Head Coach, Paul Zimmer.  Zimmer coached his players on the field and then took them to his front porch where he would lead them in devotionals to build them up in the Word.  Since inception, over 300 players have been part of the Lions’ legacy, which currently consists of two football teams (junior high and high school) as well as a cheerleading squad.   

Coach Zimmer eventually handed the football off to others whom he trusted with the stewardship of the organization. Returning for his eighth year in 2020, serving as a Board Member and as NSA’s Athletic Director, Tactical Team Commander, Brent Stowe of the Conroe Police Department went from the role of father watching his sons play for the Lions into coaching the high school team. He currently serves in multiple roles along with his wife, Toni, as they chase their dream to help provide an affordable, competitive and safe environment for non-public school athletes to experience their gridiron dreams. 

NSA’s mission is to develop leadership, provide fellowship, promote teamwork, and share other life skills to an underserved group of young student athletes in our community who either attend private schools, attend school virtually on-line, or who are home schooled and want to play tackle football while further developing their athletic skills. We do this while promoting an enjoyable and Christ-centered family atmosphere.  

NSA is developing a five year plan to take our organization to the next level, better realizing our exciting potential. We want to showcase the competitiveness of our program and more closely align ourselves with the Montgomery County community while increasing community awareness and support.  In a post-COVID world, we believe that virtual online education, private school enrollment, and home school enrollment will increase, expanding our market and our opportunity to reach and develop more young student athletes. Our goal is to add professional coaching, JV football and soccer to our current lineup of Varsity Football, Junior High Football, and Cheerleading.

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